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"I first started going to have BodyTalk with Emily for healing of arthritic pain and numbness in my hands. After 2 sessions I noticed relief, and now I've had 4 months with very little pain."

Carmen Sloss, Little Current, Ontario

"I've had the pleasure of receiving Thai massages from Emily Weber on several occasions in the past. She has always been very personable, polite and professional. Whether it's a specific area in the body that's of concern, or just wanting to get the kinks out, a Thai massage from Emily definitely does the trick.."

Pierre L., Sudbury, Ontario

I had two sessions of BodyTalk with Emily - the first was in my home, and the next one was a distance session. I felt more centered and balanced after each. I have been using the suggested self care technique Cortices - when I do so, I feel expansion happening around my head."

– Carol Kraft, Kitchener, Ontario