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Massage with Emily

Each massage I give is customized to your individual needs. Trager Massage is a gentle, relaxing, rocking experience given on a massage table. Thai massage is an invigorating, deep tissue, stretching massage which happens on a soft floor mat.

Whether you book a massage on a table or on the floor, you will experience rocking, stretching, softening of muscles, relaxation, awakening for the nervous system, and deepening of the body-mind-heart-spirit connections that are our birthright. Safe touch, communication, containment, expansion, letting go and opening up to all of who you can be, are hallmarks of my work.

Come for your Thai massage wearing loose, flexible clothing. While lying on a padded floor mat, your muscles will be gently warmed up and softened. Then I will take you into a flowing rhythmic series of yoga-like stretches, as far as is comfortable for you. Let your whole body relax and be moved as I use hands, forearms, elbows, and knees to facilitate gentle release of tension, tight muscles, stress and energy blockages. Improve your breathing, circulation, flexibility, posture and energy flow.

This comfortable, flowing table relaxation experience is unlike any other style of hands on massage. I lead you into a gentle, deep and sometimes rhythmic movement experience. You may be partially or fully clothed and no oils or lotions are used. I offer gentle invitations for change through touch and movement, responding to your unique experience. Following your massage, you will feel a softening of muscles, improved range of motion in joints, and greater ease, freedom and flow throughout your body.

This is a gentle and effective form of energy work, following the innate wisdom of the body. Simple techniques are used to facilitate re-establishing communication between the body, mind, heart and spirit. If you like, a basic technique from BodyTalk can be added in to a massage, to assist your body with re-balancing. I invite you to experience new aspects of yourself through BodyTalk.

I have a great passion for the healing arts. Whether I am speaking with you using my voice, my physical self, my words or my Celtic harp, I bring a strong and gentle presence to my work. Many have seen and heard how I delight in playful expressions of movement and sound. When I give a massage, my client becomes the instrument with whom I am creating improvised music. As happens with the waters of the lake close to where I live, when someone is receiving a massage, there are moments of great stillness and others with strong, rolling waves. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

“Prior to an introductory Bodytalk session with Emily I mentioned that my left shoulder was more restricted than my right and I really couldn’t move it laterally more than about shoulder height. Following the session my left shoulder had as much lateral movement as the right shoulder – quite amazing as it has been several years since that was the case. Two months later I still have full range of movement laterally in both shoulders.”

John Core, Guelph, Ontario

"After completing a thorough health questionnaire, I had a 75 minute Trager massage suited to my many ongoing problems, which included pain. After the massage, I felt like I was floating, and there was some residual pain on that day. The next morning, I was totally pain free! It's been two years since I saw Emily once, and the pain has never come back!"

Nicole Belanger-Smith, R.N. (ret), Manitoulin Island, Ontario

"My body was energized and rejuvenated after Emily employed her Thai system of massage and assisted stretching. I experienced an increase in mobility and flexibility with regular treatments. Thank you, Emily!"

Dr. Sanjiv Mathur, Sudbury, Ontario

"I had been having a lot of discomfort with my right shoulder (I believe it is referred to as "frozen shoulder") and I had very little range of motion. I was dealing with everyday stress as well, so I called Emily for a Trager massage session. My first session with Emily was 3O minutes. She was gentle while massaging my shoulder and applying small rotational movements. The next day I felt much more range of motion. The constant pain that I had been dealing with was gone and I could feel my shoulder relaxing throughout the day. When I booked my second session a few weeks later, I felt more relaxation and release resulting in greater range of motion. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with any kind of discomfort and/or pain to give Trager a try...Miigwech Emily"

Debra Tate, M'Chigeeng First Nation

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My Massage Training

My love of movement is what brought me to Thailand in 20O1, for six months, to begin my studies in Thai massage. In the fall of 2OO2 I opened Willowdance Wellness Centre in Cambridge, Ontario, commencing my professional massage practice. I became a certified Trager Practitioner in 2OO6 and moved myself and my business to Manitoulin Island. In 2O12 I returned to Chiang Mai, Thailand to further develop and deepen my Thai massage skills. While there, I took five weeks of specialized training, studying Osteo Thai massage with David Lutt, and others teaching in this Northern Thai town. I am a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada; I have a registration number with this organization and can provide a receipt for your session.

My first professional training was a Masters degree in Social Work, which I received from WLU in 1993. In 2OO1, I met a physiotherapist, Jonus Westrung, at a contact dance workshop. Later that year I went with Jonus and a group of other students to Thailand to study Thai massage, beginning with Master Pichest Boonthamme, a village healer located just outside of the town of Chiang Mai. My first experience with Trager massage happened in Toronto that same year. I took courses and practical training in Trager, in Canada and the US, beginning in 2OO4. At this time I was working full time as a hospital social worker while also running my part time massage business.