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Appointments & Rates

I offer appointments in Sudbury and in Little Current.

My office in Little Current is located at 1O3-15 Worthington St.
Evening, week-end and day time appointments are available.
To reserve your time,
call 7O5-368-1O57 or email

I am a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. I have a registration number with this organization and can provide a receipt for your session.

Prices for Massage and Body Talk

Service Amount Little Current Price Off Island Price Children with Family Price
 Trager Massage   6O Minutes  $75 $10O $2O off
 Trager Massage   75 Minutes  $95 $120 "
 Trager Massage   9O Minutes  $115 $140 "
Thai Massage  9O Minutes  $135 $165 "
Thai Massage 12O Minutes $18O $21O "
Body Talk Single session $75 "


Massage appointments can be arranged in your home, cottage or workplace on Manitoulin, in Sudbury and across the north.
For sessions at your home, cottage or workplace there is a set-up fee of $2O plus return mileage of .5O cents/km.
Children receive a discount on service when their appointment is scheduled right next to a family member with whom they are coming.